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 VooGlam Eyewear

April 15, 20230 min read

Eye Glass Style Name (Mancha) SKU: GOX095217-02


Super cute sexy fashion trendy eyeglasses that are affordable and high quality. You have the option to add your own eye glass prescription or have zero power clear lenses. Check out the latest styles and trends.

👉🏼 VooGlam Fashion Eyewear

👉🏼 Fytoo Optical Eyewear - Rhinestone Glasses

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Aliyah Martinez

Aliyah Martinez is an established professional model and loves beauty & fashion. She has been professionally trained in traditional makeup and airbrush. Aliyah also holds a license in skincare (Esthetician ) Aliyah is passionate about airbrush makeup, skincare and lifestyle products. What she enjoys more than anything is reviewing new products and trying out new skincare devices. Aliyah has the mind of an artist, always looking for new ways to express herself through her makeup and lifestyle videos. She is a natural people person and loves to teach others tips and tricks about what she has learned along the way and more.

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